Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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Colors Are Uneven or Streaked
Printing Problems When Copying
Media Type setting in the Operation 
Panel does not match the actual type of 
Check that the Media Type set in the Operation Panel matches the type of the 
loaded printing paper.
If you notice abrasion even with the media type set correctly to match the 
loaded paper, set Prevent paper abrasion to ON in Print settings.
Refer to “Changing the Machine Settings” in the User’s Guide on-screen 
Printing graphics with Intensity setting 
set too high.
Especially if you are using plain paper to print images with high intensity, the 
paper may absorb too much ink and become wavy, causing paper abrasion. In 
this case, reduce the Intensity setting in the Operation Panel and try printing 
Printing beyond the recommended 
printing area.
If you are printing beyond the recommended printing area of your printing paper, 
the lower edge of the paper may become stained with ink.
Resize your original document in your application software.
For details on recommended printing area, refer to “Printing Area” in the User’s 
 on-screen manual.
Print quality is not set appropriately.
In the Operation Panel, set Print quality in each mode to High(quality-
Especially when printing a document that requires a lot of ink, increasing the 
Print quality setting is effective in reducing uneven colors.
The original document is not loaded 
Check that the original is loaded correctly on the Platen Glass.
See “Loading Original Documents” on page 5.
The print quality setting is not suitable 
for the original.
Set the print quality to suit the type of your document.
See “Setting Items in Each Mode” on page 21.
The original document is not loaded 
with the side to be copied faced down.
When loading the original on the Platen Glass, the side to be copied should be 
faced down.
The original document is a printout 
from this machine.
Print quality may be reduced if you copy a printout.
Instead of copying a printout, print the original directly either from the digital 
camera, memory card, or your computer.
The Platen Glass or the inner side of 
the Document Cover is dirty.
Clean the Platen Glass and the inner side of the Document Cover.
See “Cleaning the Platen Glass and Document Cover” on page 64.
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