Canon PowerShot A530 User Manual

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Handling the Memory Card
SD Memory Card Write Protect Tab
Cautions When Handling
Memory cards are high-precision electronic devices. Do not 
bend them, apply force to them, or subject them to shocks 
or vibration.
Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the memory card.
Do not allow dirt, water or foreign objects to contact the 
terminals on the back of the card. Do not touch the 
terminals with your hands or metal objects.
Do not peel away the original label on the memory card or 
cover it with another label or sticker.
When writing on the memory card, do not use a pencil or 
ball-point pen. Only use a soft point pen (e.g. felt-tip pen).
Do not use or store memory cards in the following 
• Locations subject to dust or sand
• Locations subject to high humidity and high temperatures
Since some or all of the data recorded on the memory card 
may be corrupted or erased by electrical noise, static 
electricity or card malfunction, making a backup copy of 
important data is recommended.
Slide the switch up.
Slide the switch down 
(you can protect the 
images and other 
data on the card)
Write Protect Tab
Writing/Erasing Possible
Writing/Erasing Impossible
Report Bug