Canon PowerShot A530 User Manual

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Using the AC Adapter Kit ACK800
It is best to power the camera with AC Adapter Kit ACK800 (sold 
separately) when you are using it for long periods of time or 
connecting it to a computer.
It takes approximately 4 hours 40 minutes for the charger to 
fully recharge the batteries after they have been fully 
discharged. When two batteries are placed on each side of 
the charger, recharging will take approximately two hours 
(as determined by testing at Canon facilities).
Charge batteries in an environment where the temperature 
is in the range of 0 to 35°C (32 to 95°F).
The charging time varies according to the ambient 
temperature and to the battery charge state.
The battery charger may emit noise while charging. This is 
not a malfunction.
Battery/Charger Kit CBK4-200 can also be used. 
Turn the camera power off before connecting or 
disconnecting the AC adapter.
Connect the power cord to 
the compact power adapter 
first and then plug the other 
end into the power outlet.
Open the terminal cover and 
attach the cord to the DC IN 
Compact Power 
Adapter CA-PS800
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