Canon PowerShot A530 User Manual

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The camera automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture 
value to match the brightness of the subject.
When a correct exposure cannot be obtained, the shutter speed and 
aperture values are shown in red on the LCD monitor when the shutter 
button is pressed halfway. Use the following shooting methods to 
obtain the correct exposure and make them show in white 
(PowerShot A540 only).
Compose the second image so that it 
overlaps a portion of the first and shoot.
You can press the 
 button to return to the 
previously recorded image to retake the shot.
Minor discrepancies in the overlapping portions can be 
corrected when the images are stitched together.
Repeat the procedure for additional images.
A sequence may contain up to 26 images.
Press the FUNC./SET button after the last shot.
You cannot display the images on a TV when shooting in 
Stitch Assist mode.
The settings for the first image are applied to the second 
image onward.
Use PhotoStitch, a supplied software program, to merge the 
images on a computer.
When the 
 button is pressed, you can switch between the 
items which you can set.
- Exposure compensation/Shooting direction selection
 Program AE
PowerShot A540
PowerShot A530
- Using the flash
- Changing the ISO speed
- Changing the metering method
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