Panasonic elite panaboard ub-t781 User Manual

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When experiencing problems, please refer to the table below for possible solutions. If the problem persists,
contact your dealer.
Possible cause and solution
The LEDs do not light
when the power switch is
turned on.
Check that the power cord is properly plugged in.
If the problem persists, turn off the power, and then turn it on.
Red LED is blinking.
Turn off the power, and turn it on.
If the problem persists, contact your dealer.
The computer does not
recognize the elite
The elite Panaboard and your computer are not connected.
Securely connect the elite Panaboard and your computer
using a USB cable.
The USB cable is connected to a USB hub.
Do not connect the elite Panaboard through a USB hub.
The connection between
the computer and the elite
Panaboard is
unexpectedly lost.
Check that the elite Panaboard is in an operable state, and that
the USB cable is properly connected.
The electronic pen's
position is not correct.
The projected image is misaligned.
Perform the calibration again.
Drawn lines and
comments are not
completely displayed or
are displayed in the wrong
The electronic pen loses
the functions.
You are holding the electronic pen at an angle.
You are operating the elite Panaboard in direct sunlight or
other strong lighting.
Infrared controllers (e.g., a television remote control) are being
used and pointed towards the position sensor.
There is a wall or ceiling close to the sides of the elite
There is an air-conditioner vent close to the elite Panaboard.
A plasma or LCD television is being used near by the elite
Part of the position sensor is blocked.
You are covering part of the electronic pen's sensor with your
Several electronic pens are being used at the same time.
The electronic pen is low on batteries.
Check that none of the above is causing the problem.
If misalignment is not caused by any of the above, perform
the calibration again.
Extra lines are displayed
on the computer screen.
Apart from writing directly on the elite Panaboard with the
electronic pen, you pushed the penpoint with your finger while
holding it close to the elite Panaboard.
Avoid pushing the penpoint with your finger.
Operating Instructions (For Basic Operations)