FIC mb02 Service Manual

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Installation and Upgrade 
FIC MB02 Service Manual 
2.1  Overview 
This chapter provides guidelines on installing the device drivers for the built-in features of the 
MB02. Most of the driver installation procedures mentioned here are only for and Windows 
XP. This chapter also includes procedures on how to upgrade major internal system 
components like CPU, memory, hard disk, and feature card modules. 
2.2  Notebook Drivers and Utilities 
The notebook requires several device drivers that you need to install and setup before you can 
fully operate the notebook. These are: 
Intel 855GM VGA Driver – Windows XP 
ALC201A Audio Driver – Windows XP 
Synatics Touch Pad Driver – Windows XP 
Montara-GM Chipset Driver – Windows XP 
Easy Button PRO utility – Windows XP 
Ambit MDC Modem – Windows XP 
Intel 562EZ LAN driver– Windows XP 
Intel Wireless LAN driver – Windows XP 
Audio Volume Status utility 
Intel Wireless LAN utility 
Visit FIC Support website for the latest 
driver updates. 
2.2.1  Installing Windows XP from CD / DVD ROM 
This section provides Windows XP installation guide from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM 
Installing Windows XP from CD-ROM / DVD-ROM 
To install Windows XP directly from your CD-ROM, insert the Windows XP installation CD 
into CD-ROM drive with following the instructions on the screen to finish the installation. 
You could go to Boot menu of BIOS setup menu to confirm the priority of boot device. Use 
arrow key to select "ATAPI CD-ROM Drive", and then use "+" or "-" to move it to the top. 
Go to Exit menu and select “Exit Saving Changes”. 
2.2.2  Installing the VGA Device Driver  
Your notebook computer uses the high-performance Intel 855GM VGA controller, which is 
an AGP 4x video local bus, 2D/3D Graphic Engine. Following is the procedure for installing 
the VGA Driver for Windows XP : 
Installing VGA Driver for Windows XP 
1.  Click the Start button, then point to Settings, and click Control Panel. 
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Summary of Contents of service manual for FIC mb02

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