FIC m785 Service Manual

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Outline of the M785 
FIC M785 Service Manual 
1.1  Introduction 
This chapter provides the outline features and operation of the M785 including the BIOS 
Setup program and other system options.  
The M785 all-in-one notebook offers the latest in advanced portable computing and 
multimedia technology that even outperforms most desktop computers. It incorporates the 
latest Intel Pentium 4 Processor running at 400 /533MHz Front Side Bus. It combines support 
for the new high-bandwidth Double Data Rate (DDR) 266 SDRAM, Integrated VGA and the 
AC 97 audio codec. Built-in Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP keyboard, glide pad pointing 
device, sound system, PCMCIA slots, USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, advanced power 
management and more new multimedia features. 
The Intel® Pentium® 4 processor is the evolutionary step for desktop processor technology. 
Based on Intel® Net Burst™ micro architecture, the Pentium 4 processor offers higher-
performance processing than ever before. Built with Intel's 0.13-micron technology, the 
Pentium 4 processor delivers significant performance gains for use in home computing, 
business solutions and all your processing needs. 
1.2  Feature Highlights 
The M785 includes a variety of innovative features:  
  Desktop Intel 
® Pentium 4 Northwood Processors using uFCPGA 
packaging at 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.26 / 2.4 / 2.53 GHz 
  Support FSB 400/533 MHz. 
Cache Memory 
  L1 Cache (Pentium Processor internal): 
12KB code and 8KB data 
8-way cache associatively provides 
  L2 Cache (Pentium Processor internal): 
512KB code and 8KB data 
8-way set associative, 32-byte line size, 1 line per sector 
Bus Architecture 
32-bit PCI/PCI-to-ISA Bus Architecture  
Bus Speed 
400/533 MHz Front Side Bus 
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Summary of Contents of service manual for FIC m785

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    Chapter Outline of the M785 1.1 Introduction This chapter provides the outline features and operation of the M785 including...

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    Outline of the M785 attached them to documents and presentation using the notebook integrated audio system and application software....

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    Outline of the M785 Icon Represents Indicates ΠIDE Drive This LED will turn on when the system is...

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    Outline of the M785 Power Button Press the Power button either to power on or power off the system....

  • Page 12

    Outline of the M785 1.4.2 Front Side of the Notebook Œ CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW/DVD Combo • Cover Switch Figure...

  • Page 13

    Outline of the M785 1.4.4 The Left Side of the Notebook Œ IR Port • Microphone Jack Ž Headphone...

  • Page 14

    Outline of the M785 AC Power Port Lets you attach the notebook to the AC power source using the...

  • Page 15

    Outline of the M785 USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports The USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port is a port with...

  • Page 16

    Outline of the M785 1.5 System BIOS SETUP Program The notebook uses the Phoenix BIOS Setup program that allows...

  • Page 17

    Outline of the M785 1.5.1 Using the Main Menu The BIOS Setup Main Menu contains the settings for system...

  • Page 18

    Outline of the M785 n System Time – To set the time, enter the current hour, minute, and second...

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    Outline of the M785 Type: [None] / [ATAPI Select the drive type corresponding to the Removable] / [CD-ROM] /...

  • Page 20

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  • Page 21

    Outline of the M785 controlled by OS Serial port B [Disabled] / Configure serial port A using options: [Enabled]...

  • Page 22

    Outline of the M785 1.5.3 Using the Security Menu The Security menu allows you to set the system password...

  • Page 23

    Outline of the M785 n Set User Password – Specifies if the system prompts you to enter a password...

  • Page 24

    Outline of the M785 1.5.5 How to Exit the Setup Program There are two choices to escape from the...

  • Page 25

    Outline of the M785 1.6 Notebook Accessories and System Options It is also important to understand the accessories that...

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