4XEM stylus c86 User Manual

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Printing Photos
As with traditional photos, Epson recommends proper care that will minimize 
color changes and lengthen display life: 
Frame prints under glass or a protective plastic sleeve to protect them from 
atmospheric contaminants like humidity, smoke, and high levels of ozone.
As with all photographs, keep your prints away from direct sunlight.
For proper storage, keep your prints in a photo album or plastic photo storage 
box in acid-free, archival sleeves commonly available from most camera stores.
Always keep unused paper in the original package. 
To order Epson paper, contact your dealer or call the Epson Store
(800) 873-7766 or visit our web site at www.epsonstore.com (U.S. sales only). 
In Canada please call (800) 463-7766 for dealer referral.
Load paper as shown: 
Always load the short edge first, even for printing landscape-oriented photos.
Load the printable side face-up. It’s usually whiter or brighter than the other 
Make sure the paper is under the tabs on the left and right edge guides. 
Check the paper package for additional loading and printing instructions. 
Insert paper against the right edge
Slide the left 
edge guide 
against the paper
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