4XEM stylus c86 User Manual

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Problems and Solutions
4. When the green 
light stops flashing, make sure paper is loaded 
in the printer, then do the following:
Windows: Click 
Print Nozzle Check Pattern
. Then click 
Macintosh: Click 
, then click 
The nozzle check pattern prints.
5. If the nozzle check pattern has no gaps or white 
lines as shown, click 
If the pattern has gaps, click 
 to clean the 
print head again.
You can also turn the printer off and wait 
overnight—this allows any dried ink to soften—
and then try cleaning the print head again.
The ink cartridges may need replacing; see page 21 for instructions.
Your printout is blurry or smeared.
Make sure the printable (whiter) side of the paper is face-up. 
Use Epson papers to ensure proper saturation and absorption of genuine 
Epson ink.
Your paper doesn’t feed correctly or jams in the printer.
If multiple pages feed at once, remove the paper from the sheet feeder, fan the 
edges to separate the sheets, then reload it.
If paper jams, press the 
paper button for several seconds to clear the jam. 
If that doesn’t work, open the cover and pull the paper out from the front, 
including small pieces that may have torn off. Reload the paper and press the 
 paper button.
Heavily saturated prints may curl, causing a paper jam when printing on both 
sides of the paper.
Make sure you use new, smooth, high-quality paper, loaded printable side up. 
Don’t load paper above the arrow mark inside the left edge guide. Place the 
paper against the right edge, behind the tab. Slide the left edge guide against 
it, but not too tightly.
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