Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security 7 ADV, 6-10u, 36m, Win, RNW, FRE CM00262995 Data Sheet

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Securing Your Web World
Trend Micro
Business Security
Rated #1 for Small Business Security
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Trend Micro
 Business Security Advanced and Standard 
solutions provide fast, effective, and simple protection against viruses, 
cybercriminals, and data loss, so you can focus on your business, instead 
of worrying about Internet security. In independent tests
, Worry-Free 
Business Security is rated best at blocking threats before they reach 
your computers, file servers, and mail servers.
Businesses with limited IT staff and resources need protection that is designed for 
them, not huge corporations nor for an individual consumer. That’s why Trend Micro 
offers several easy to set-up and use all-in-one solutions to meet the unique needs of 
these businesses. Worry-Free Business Security solutions provide effective protection 
with minimal impact on computer performance by leveraging the Trend Micro
Protection Network
 – the same infrastructure that safeguards all our customers, from 
Fortune 500 enterprises to millions of consumers.
 Business Security Advanced protects Windows PCs, Macs, file 
servers, and mail servers from viruses, threats, and dangerous websites. The latest 
Advanced edition keeps business information private by locking down USB drives and 
other storage device as well as preventing data loss through email. It also features 
integrated spam protection on Exchange Servers, and blocks spam before it reaches 
 Business Security Standard protects Windows PCs and servers from 
viruses, threats, and dangerous websites. It features security scans that run quickly 
and quietly in the background and keeps business information private by locking down 
USB drives and other storage devices.
Key Benefits
  Powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to identify and block new and 
emerging threats before they impact your business
  Most updates are stored either on the local server or by Trend Micro, not on your 
computers to deliver protection without affecting performance or speed
  Virus scans run quietly and quickly in the background so your computers are unaffected
  Stops viruses, spyware, spam, phishing attacks, and other web threats before they can 
reach your business machines
  Data loss prevention stops private business information from being shared via USB drives 
and other attached storage devices as well as in email messages
  Multi-layer antispam for Advanced; POP3 antispam for Standard and Services
  URL filtering prevents employees from visiting inappropriate and infected websites and 
downloading threats
  Specifically designed for businesses with limited IT staff and resources
  Easy to install and use, no IT expertise required
  Traffic light dashboard makes security status understood at a glance and supported by 
easy to read security reports
*Based upon May, June 2010 results
ProActivE thrEAt 
DEtEction AnD ProtEction
The Smart Protection Network 
correlates databases with 
behavioural analysis and uses 
global threat sensors to identify 
and block viruses, spyware, spam, 
and other web threats before they 
reach your business machines. 
It’s a lot like having a global 
neighborhood watch group, 
keeping a vigilant eye on your