alpha-industries 2000 User Manual

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Pinnacle Plus Series
Safety Checklists (Continued)
Battery Safety Checklist
There are dangerous voltages inside the unit. Only qualified people should perform instal-
lation and maintenance.
Live battery wires must not touch the unit’s chassis or any other metal objects. This can
cause a fire or explosion.
Inspect the batteries once a year for signs of cracks, leaks or swells. Replace as required.
When batteries are in storage, charge them at least once every three months for
optimum performance and to extend their lifetime.
Always replace batteries with ones of identical type and rating. Never install old or un-
tested batteries.
Use insulated tools during servicing.
Remove all rings, watches, jewelry or other conductive items before working inside the
Follow local regulations for battery disposal. Recycling is the best method.
Never burn batteries to dispose of them. They may explode.
Never open the batteries. The contents are toxic.
Battery Emergency Procedures:
If electrolyte splashes on your skin, immediately wash the skin with water. If electro-
lyte gets into your eyes, wash them for at least 10 minutes with clean water or a
special neutralizing eye wash solution. Seek medical attention at once.
Neutralize spilled electrolyte with special neutralizing solutions in a “spill kit” or a
solution of 1 lb. of bicarbonate of soda in 1 gallon of water.