Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Before getting started
EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) is built upon SMS (Short Message Service) format. You 
can add pictures, animations, melodies and emoticons to a text message and designate text 
properties through EMS.
First, check whether the service center number is set up. This 
number is usually provided by your service provider and 
stored in the SIM card.
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1. Create 
2. Inbox  
3. Outbox 
4. Archive 
5. Settings 
6. Used space 
Create - Press this icon to write new messages.
Inbox - Displays the list of received messages
Outbox - Displays the list of messages waiting to be sent.
Archive - Displays the list of messages stored in the phone 
Settings - See ‘Detailed Functions of Settings.’
Used space - Displays the current status of SIM.
(The total capacity of the SIM card memory, the number of 
messages stored, and number of messages unread)
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1. Message center 
2. Message lifetime 
3. Message format 
2.Used records
3.Unread records
Capacity - Displays the maximum storage capacity of the SIM card memory. 
Used records - Displays the number of messages stored in SIM memory.
Unread records - Displays the number of unread messages.
Inbox, Outbox, Archive messages
Message center - Allows the URL of proxy relay or allows MMSC to be set.
Message lifetime - Adjust the lifetime of messages (1 hour ~ 6 months).
Message format - Determine the message format (Normal, Fax, Voicemail, 
ERMES, National paging, X.400, Internet) 
Detailed functions of settings
Detailed functions of Used Space
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