Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Sending the message
After writing the message, press the 
[       ] key.
Choose “Send” and press the [       ] key.
You may input the recipient’s phone number or retrieve the 
number from the “Phone Book” via the [       ] option.
After inputting the destination phone number, press the [       ] 
key to send the message. You will see a sending animation 
and the transmission progress (e.g. 1/3) on the screen.
Storing messages 
Storing messages in the SIM card
1. Press the [       ] key after writing a message.
2. Once “Saving message -> Message saved” appears on the screen, 
the message will be saved to the SIM card.
Storing messages in the handset
1. Press the [       ] key after writing a message.
2. Select “Archive” and press the [       ] key.
3. Select “Save” and press <<Save here>> to input a filename for 
your message.
4. The message will be stored in the handset once you press the 
[       ] key.
Receiving a message
When you receive a message, you will be alerted by a bell sound, 
and a “received message” animation will run on the screen. The 
number of messages received will then be displayed on the idle 
screen. (If you receive messages with multiple pages, the alert will 
sound when the last page is received.)
Messages stored in the SIM card
Received messages are stored in the SIM card. If the memory has 
been fully occupied,  you can no longer receive messages. In such 
case, an icon indicating that SIM memory has been fully occupied 
will be displayed on the idle screen. You can receive more messages 
by deleting stored messages.
Storing messages with attached files
You may store Picture/Animation/Melody/Message/Emoticon in the 
phone memory if the received message contains them. (Only user-
defined items are possible.)
1. Place the cursor behind the item while you check the message.
2. Press the [       ] key to set the file name and directory.
3. The message is stored in the file system.
4. Stored items may be sent by going through the following steps 
under the 'Create' option:
[Insert item] -> [Picture/Animation/Melody/Message] -> [Load].
Page limit in “Create”
The maximum number of pages allowed for each message under the 
“Create” option is 7 pages. Every time a page is completed, a popup 
(e.g. SMS1) appears.
*Maximum words allowed per text-only message
- English
153 characters * 6 pages + 1(input of the 7th page) = 919 characters
- Chinese
67 characters * 6 pages + 1(input of the 7th page) = 403 characters
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