Pantech gf100 User Manual

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MMS stands for multimedia messaging system that can send downloaded 
image files and sound files. The file limit for each object is 32KB, and the 
total message limit is 64KB.
- Create : Creates and sends new messages.
- Inbox : Displays received messages..
- Outbox : Displays a list of messages to be sent.
- Drafts : Displays a list of incomplete messages.
- Sent : Displays a list of messages sent.
- Archive : Shows stored messages.
- Templates : Shows a list of templates that can be applied 
when writing new messages. 
- Save messages : You can decide whether or not you will store all the messages in 
the Sent mailbox.
- Delivery receipts : Use this function to check if a sent message has been 
delivered to the recipient, or to determine if you will send a 
Delivery Report demanded by an incoming message.
- MMS center : Sets the address of the MMS center.
- WAP Profile : Sets the configuration of the WAP profile used when receiving or 
sending MMS messages.
- MMS life time : Determines the lifetime of MMS messages. 
- MMS download :
MMS settings 
On read : New messages are downloaded when you open the file.
- Spam filter : Sets a spam filter for MMS messages that are set as “Advertisement”.
– Add picture : To insert an image, press the [        ] key and select “Add 
picture” Select a picture file (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.gif, *.png) from the     
list, and press the [        ] key. 
– Change picture/sound : To change an object already inserted, press the               
[        ] key and select “Change picture” or “Change 
sound.” Select and change the desired file.
– Add sound : To insert a sound file, press the [        ] key and select 
“Add sound”. Choose the desired sound file (*.imy, *.mid, *.mmf) 
by pressing the [        ] key.
You can write a new message by selecting the °
∞Create°± option. When you select this 
option, the screen displays the first page of an MMS message. 
Along the top of the message screen is a status bar that shows the information and status of the 
message. This bar also shows whether the current page of the message contains sound, and 
the message size and page number of the message you are reading.
Automatic : New messages are downloaded onto the background as 
soon as they are received, and you receive notification when 
the download is complete.
Off : Receives all MMS messages.
Prompt if spam : Asks your permission before downloading spam messages.
Reject spam : Rejects all spam messages.
Writing and sending multimedia messages
Select MMS from the Message menu, scroll to “Create” and 
press the [       ] key.
Write your message. For example, you may write “Hello, the 
You may attach, change, or delete image or sound objects to 
the message. Using the [       ] key enables you to use the 
following menu options:
Menu structure
Report Bug