Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Move to “Subject” and enter the message title.
For additional configuration of message properties, select 
“More” and set the priority level to “Normal”, “High”, or 
If a message has been written, you can either send it right 
away or send it later by saving it. To send it immediately, 
select the “Send” option. To save it so that you can send it 
later, select the “Send later” option. 
Receiving Messages
Select “MMS” from the message menu, move to “Inbox” and 
select the message by pressing the [       ] key.
The message will begin downloading with the display of a 
receiving screen.
Once the download is complete, the message will be displayed 
on the screen.
When a new MMS message has been received, the message alert function is activated, 
displaying a new message icon on the idle screen.
Read Message and its functions
Choose a mailbox.
Choose the message you wish to read and press the [       ] key 
or press the [       ] key and select “Read.”.
– Apply template : You may reorganize your current message by using stored 
– Add page : To add a new page, press the [        ] key, and select “More” and 
then select “Add page.”
– Delete object : To delete an inserted object, press the [        ] key and select 
“Delete object”. Select the object you wish to delete and press t
he [        ] key.
– Object properties : press the [        ] key and go through the following steps. 
Select “More” -> “Object properties” -> desired object 
(image, sound). Then press the [        ] key. This function 
allows you to set the time for displaying a sound or image 
once the text message appears on the screen, or the extent of 
time the sound or image will be displayed.
Adjusting the object properties of inserted images and sounds.
– Page properties->Page layout : Press the [        ] key and select “More” -> 
“Page properties” -> “Page layout”. You can 
choose whether you will position the image or 
text on top of a message.
– Page properties->Displayed for : Press the [        ] key and select “More” -> 
“Page properties” -> “Displayed for”. You can 
set the length of time each page will be 
displayed before going on to the next page.
Adjusting page properties.
To check if a written message will be correctly displayed, 
press the [       ] key and select “Preview.”  If the contents of 
the message are displayed correctly, press the [       ] key -> 
When the address option menu appears, scroll to “TO” and press 
“ok” key in order to select the phone number of a recipient. Press 
the [MENU] key to select the number from the Phone Book or 
directly enter the number. When the number is entered, moved to 
“Add address” and press the [       ] key to exit.
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