Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Cell broadcasts
You can connect to the voice mailbox provided by your network service provider and 
listen to your voicemail messages. If you select the ‘Call’ option, the phone will 
automatically dial the designated number for your voice mailbox.
Each option is described below.
Call - Makes a call to the pre-defined voice mailbox system to receive voicemail.
On - Makes a call to your voice mailbox to activate voicemail service.
Off - Makes a call to your voice mailbox to deactivate voicemail service.
Settings - See the “Settings” section below.
1. Box numbers
Sets Home Mbox / Roam Mbox / Voice no./ 
Message no./ Disable no. / Enable no. respectively.
2. Sets the voicemail alert by call to inform you of 
voicemail arrival
3. Sets the voicemail alert by SMS to inform you of 
voice mail arrival
4. Alert match 
Sets the message to be displayed when a voice mail 
You can read cell broadcast messages sent by your network 
service provider.
Read info
Enables you to select preferred topics and languages.
- Language
You can specify the language of the message. 
You may also add new languages or delete existing 
- Set Info
You can set message topics.
1. Insert  - This function is used when you add a new language. Newly added 
languages are displayed at the top of the language list.
2. Add to End - Same as “Insert,” except newly added languages are 
displayed at the bottom of the language list.
3. Delete - Deletes a language from the language list.
1. Create subject : Use this function to add a new subject to the current subject 
list. You may add, edit or delete a subject by pressing the 
[       ] key from the listed subjects.
2. Current list : Shows the currently stored subject list. You may add or delete a 
topic by pressing the [       ] key from the listed subjects. 
You may choose up to a maximum of 2 subjects from the 
current list.
For more information, contact your network service provider.
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