Pantech gf100 User Manual

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ADD TO P-BOOK : To save a phone number to the Phone Book by using the   
"Add to P-Book" function, scroll to the phone number to be 
saved and press the [        ] key to display the pop-up 
menu. Select the "Add to P-Book" option, and press the [        ] 
key. Then you will see three types: 1. home; 2. mobile; 
and 3. office. Select the desired type and press the [        ] key    
to save the number.  This will enable you to use related 
functions. The phone numbers already saved will not appear 
in the pop-up menu.
SEND SMS : To send a SMS message using the number in the phone number list, 
scroll to the desired phone number, and press the [        ] key, 
scroll to "Send SMS," and press the [        ] key. This will enable you 
to perform related functions. 
- While or prior to performing a function, pressing the [        ] key will take you to  
the idle screen, and pressing the [         ] key will take you to the previous screen.  
After display of the “pop-up menu upon pressing the [        ] key,” the 
menu will disappear if no key is pressed for ten seconds.
Clear Logs
Deletes received, dialled, or missed call data, or the entire call list (select "all calls").
Call Info
Records call costs. The maximum cost of a call can be set 
to avoid overcharge.
Last call
Displays the cost of the last call.
 All calls
Displays the costs of all calls. You can clear logs with PIN2 authorization.
Clear logs
Clears all logs of call costs after you enter PIN2
Cost units
Allows you to set the basis cost per call in the service area. The following two 
options are available:
- Read units: Read cost units.
- Set units: Set the current cost unit and cost per unit
Max cost
Set the maximum value of a defined call cost via PIN2 authorization. The following 
two sub-options are available: 
- Read limit: Reads the maximum limit of a unit.
- Set limit : Sets the maximum number of units.
Call costs
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