Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Melody type
Ringing Volume
There are 8 different volume levels (0~7) available for volume adjustment. 
There are six types of ringing tones: Melody, 3D sound,  Bell Sound,  
Natural Sound, and My Melody. Each of them has several different 
You can insert up to 5 different melodies in My Melody. You can set these 
melodies as follows: [7. Fun & Tools -> 2. Downloaded -> 3. Melody -> 
[       ] -> “Set as ringtone”]. Please note that you can delete the 
melodies only through the [3.1 Ringing Settings]. When the melody type is 
My Melody, if you scroll to the melody name below My Melody, a hidden 
menu will appear. At this time, select [       ] and then “Delete” to delete 
the melody.
Ringing Settings 
You may set tones for ringing, messages, keys, flip opening, etc.
Ring type
Ringing tone : Operates the sound selected from Melody, 3D sound, 
Bell Sound, Natural Sound, and My Melody.
Vibration : Operates only in vibration mode.
Vib then Ring : Vibrates and then rings.
Vib and Ring : Vibrates and rings simultaneously.
Ascending : The ringing volume keeps rising.
None (Quiet) : Only the lamp flashes without any 
sound or vibration.
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