Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Display string
You can select one of the following three text string types for the idle 
screen by using the [       ]/[       ] key.
Time & Date : Shows the current date and time. To change the display 
setting, follow these steps: [setting]-[time&date]-[display ].
Greeting : Shows a greeting message input by the user. To set the greeting 
message, follow these steps: [setting]-[display]-[greeting].
D-day : Displays the D-day schedule. To enter the D-day schedule, follow 
these steps: [organizer]-[scheduler]
Font color
You can change the colors of all texts used in your handset. 
The colors available are: default color, red, blue, green, and dark gray.
A pattern on the screen is shown on the outside LCD during
conversations depending on the volume of the other party’s voice.
Voice equalizer 
On : Voice equalizer function is ON
Off : this shows the other party's information (telephone number,
name, conversation lapsed time, condition) instead of showing a 
pattern on the screen by the volume of the voice.
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