Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Answering machine 
A unique feature of Pantech mobiles is the Answering 
Machine function, by 
which a user can record up to 10 messages. 
The user can also overhear the 
recording and can choose to accept or reject the call.
To access answering machine press [MENU] - 4 - 7 
You can turn on or off the answering machine by selecting this 
button.Press the right or left key to change between the On and Off.
When the answering machine is activated, a “mike” icon appears       
on the idle screen.
By selecting this key, one can record messages of their choice to be played on 
the answering machine.
Press [       ] button to start recording, by speaking clearly into the mouth 
piece/ microphone. Maximum recordable time is 15 secs.
Once a message is recorded, User Defined Message is automatically selected 
as the Response Message.
User message
Select this key to hear the recorded message. 
Press [       ] button to hear the recorded message. In case the user wishes to 
delete the recording, press [Menu] key and select “Delete”.
Message can be re-recorded by selecting the “Recording” key again.
If message is deleted, the answering machine is reset to “absent” mode. (“I am 
not available right now, please leave a message after the tone”)
You can set the response time before which the answering machine 
becomes activated. One can choose a response time of 3 secs. 5 
secs. or 10 secs.
Response Time:
You can choose between a set of 3 predefined messages and one 
user defined message as their choice of response message, when an 
incoming call is received.
Absent : “I am not available right now, please leave a message after 
the tone.”
Meeting : “I am in a meeting right now, please leave a message after 
the tone.”
Driving : “I am driving right now, please leave a message after the 
User message is a message that the user can record by themselves. 
The next menu explains this.
Response Message:
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