Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Recorded message
This key is selected to hear all recorded messages.
To listen to the recorded messages, select the recorded message by moving 
the down/ up arrow key and press [       ] button on the selected message.
To delete the recorded message, press [       ] button and select “Delete”.
A maximum of 10 messages can be recorded in the answering 
machine. The answering machine will not work when full capacity 
is reached (10 messages).
Users can listen to the message being recorded by hearing into the 
ear-piece and can connect to the call any time during the recording 
by pressing the [
] button.
Whenever a message is recorded, a “Recorded Message” sign giving 
the number of recorded messages is displayed on the sub-LCD. 
When flipped open, the main LCD gives the same display. To view 
the Recorded message, press [
] key. 
A “Audio-cassette” type icon appears on the idle screen, in case 
there any unread/ unheard messages among the recorded messages.
Pantech phones have also developed a unique feature by which a 
voice call or a SMS message can be made to the person who has left 
a message. To access this function, select the recorded message to 
which the voice call/ SMS needs to be made, then press [Menu] 
button and select “Call” or “Send message”.
In idle screen, press the side volume “up” key (short press) to access 
the answering machine function. 
When the answering machine is activated, users can connect to an 
incoming call any time while ringing or while recording by pressing 
the [
] button.
Voice LED 
When it is set at on the LED at external LCD will 
react at the person from 
the call and will blink by the voice tone.
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