Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Network Settings
Setting to the preferred network - You can view the list of 
networks available to you. Press the [MENU] key and you 
will see the list of the following options.
Preferred N/W
You can register a new network by the following steps. 
Country code : Enter the country code (3 digits) on the 
given screen.
Network code : Enter the code (2 digits) of the network you 
wish to use. 
Enter name : You must enter the name of the network 
This menu also has the following sub-menus.
- Add : Adds a new N/W.
- Change : Allows you to edit the contents of a network item.
- Delete : Deletes the selected network item.
You use this menu to add a service provider other than those already stored 
in the “(1) Preferred N/W” items.
- Insert : Inserts your preferred network to the top of 
the list. 
- Added to end : Adds the network to the end of the list. 
- Delete : Deletes the selected network item.
Your phone provides the profiles of several different 
service providers in many different countries. 
This menu allows you to select and register service providers of your 
choice (preferred network).
Add new N/W
Call Waiting
Call waiting - When you receive an incoming call while you are on the phone, this 
feature lets you know that it is attempting to be connected. 
Displays telephone number - this displays the numbers of names of receivers and 
callers. This function varies according to the settings such as the existence of your 
service registration, or of callers’ settings.
Caller Number
Show my no.
This shows my number.
Show called no.
This shows the callers’ number
Hide if called
This hides you’ unit number from callers when you have incoming calls.
Automatic redial - When you make a call, if it is connected to 
the called party 
successfully, the called number will be automatically redialled 2
to 4 times. You 
cannot set the number of attempts to be made. 
Automatic Redia
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