Pantech gf100 User Manual

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If you press the [       ] key, a popup menu will appear.
Add event : Adds a new event to the selected date.
On d-day : Shows you how many days are left until the event.
Delete and delete all : deletes one or all of the events registered on the selected day.
Memory info : shows the number of events registered.
Seeing all the events registered on the calendar
Press the [       ] key and select [View All Event]  
Moving to a specific date
Press the [       ] key and select [Goto Date]
1) Event : You can choose the type of the event. (options: meeting, call, 
restaurant, entertainment, birthday, travel and others.)
2) Memo : You can access this feature by pressing any key except “ok”, 
“clr”, “send”, and “end” keys. This allows you write a short note.
3) Time : Records the event time.
4) Alarm alert : You can set when the alarm will ring. (Option: you can 
choose 'on time', '1 hour before', '2 hours before', 
'1 day before' '2 days before' or 'no alerting').
5) Repeat : you can set how often the event happens, (Option: once, daily, 
weekly, monthly, or yearly.)
ex) For a birthday, you may choose 'yearly.'.
6) Press the [       ] key to set an event alarm melody.
7) Now that everything is set up, press [       ] to save the event.
When a new event is set on a date, it is marked on the calendar. You can 
see the event registered on that date at the bottom of the calendar. Press 
[       ] to see the detail of the events.
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