Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Stop Watch 
You can time an event using the stopwatch function. Use the 
[navigation] key to use the stopwatch function. Press ‘start’[       ] 
to time an event, press ‘pause’[       ] to pause timing. Press 
‘reset’[       ] to clear the time and 'wait.'. 
In converter, you can convert measures such as length, area, volume and weight from one 
unit to another. Basically ‘length’ includes cm, m, inch, feet, yard and mile. ‘Area’ 
includes sq. m, a, sq. feet, sq. yard and acre. ‘Volume’ includes cu. cm, cu. m, Liter, cu. 
inch, cu. feet, cu. yard, gallon. And ‘weight’ includes g, kg, t, grain, oz and pound. 
Select the measure among length, area, volume and weight by 
pressing the [       ] key or [       ] key. 
Move downward with the [       ] key, and select the calculation unit 
of the measure by using the [       ] key or [       ] key.
Enter the numbers to be calculated by using the keypad. 
Use the [       ] key to input a decimal point.
Press [       ] to go to the bottom. Then press the [       ] or [       ] key to 
select a calculation unit of the measure coverted.
When a calculation value is entered, or every time the calculation unit 
of measure changes, the converter generates the corresponding results.
Some units cannot be converted to another units. In such case, the 
resulting value becomes “O.” If the values are beyond the calculation 
capacity available with the phone, the resulting value also becomes 
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