Pantech gf100 User Manual

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F. GPRS settings
1. IP address: Gateway IP address
2. Access point: Access point name
3. User ID
4. Password
G. Data settings
1. IP address
2. Dial number
3. Data call type
4. Data call speed
5. User ID
6. Password
7. Timeout
Security cert
These are the lists of Security Certification.
Cache mode
You can select one of the two options. (Always check/Never check)
A. Homepage : This is the homepage address.
B. Image settings : Allows you to select image display options.
C. Connection : This feature depends upon the Gateway operated by your 
service provider. ‘Temporary’ supports unapproved 
(connectionless) delivery processing service, while 
‘Continuous’ supports approved delivery processing 
service. ‘With-security’/’Without-security’ is also provided 
as an option. Contact your service provider for detailed 
information. (Note: Since settings can vary depending on 
each service provider, optional features selected may not 
function properly. For detailed settings, contact your 
service provider.) 
D. Gateway settings : This is the Gateway ID with the password.
E. Bearer : Allows you to select the bearer type (Data/GPRS.)
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