Pantech gf100 User Manual

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The Phonebook menu allows you to save a list of phone numbers of your choice. 
You may add or delete phone numbers anytime. In addition, you may select to 
save data either in the SIM card or phone memory.  You can save up to 800 
numbers in the Phone memory, and up to 254 numbers in the SIM card.
(Note: The storage capacity of a SIM card may vary depending on its manufacturer.) 
- To access the phonebook menu, press the down key from the idle screen. 
Allows you to perform search by group. 
Group search
Select [“Name search”] and enter the name to search in the text editor. The cursor will 
then move to the name list most similar to the entered name. If there are no similar 
names, then you will see an alphabetically arrayed list.
Name Search
Select each number with 
left & right navigation key.
If the name is too long, (maximum of 20 English alphabets, 10 
Chinese characters), then it automatically scrolls. Use the 
Navigation key to move up/down and press the SEND key to call 
the selected phone number. 
You can save one phone number per person in the SIM card, and 
up to three numbers in the phone memory. 
Use the navigation key (left/right) to move to each icon located on 
the right side of the selected name. You may also make a call to 
the selected phone number. The number displayed on the bottom 
represents either list where the cursor is located or the number 
corresponding to the icon. If the number is too long, it will scroll 
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