Pantech gf100 User Manual

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Speed Dial List
You can save up to 98 speed dial lists
When you move the cursor, the list name and the number 
automatically scroll. Press the corresponding number in the 
idle screen and press the [       ] key to call the number it is 
resister in Speed Dial.
To register a number in the speed dial list, press the MENU in 
the phonebook and select ‘add to speed’. Remember to 
press the MENU key after you select the icon in the phone 
book list. In the speed dial menu, move the cursor to the 
desired number and press the [       ] key
1key is the hot key for Voice mail.
The menu which appears when you press the MENU key from the Phonebook 
(when no icon is selected)
- Search (search a number in the list)
- Edit
- Delete (delete all numbers of the person)
The menu which appears when you press the MENU key from the Phonebook 
(when an icon is selected)
- Edit
- Delete(delete the selected number)
- Add to Speed (store the number to the Speed Dial)
- Send Message (Menu to send SMS)
Press the [       ] key to view the saved list in the screen. Select the edit key 
in order to edit contents.
If you select this menu you must first decide whether to save the 
phone number to the SIM or to the Handset. If you decide where to 
save, then register the new name in the edit mode. It is possible to 
move to the edit screen by using the number keys to input a 
memo/name. After inputting, press the [       ] key to return to the  
initial screen where you saved your phone number. Use the left/right 
key to select the group and melody. After inputting characters, press 
the [       ] key to save. You can save only one telephone number per 
person in the SIM card, and three in the phone memory.
Add New Name
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