Pantech gf100 User Manual

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When audio quality is poor:
End the phone call and try again. 
When the other party cannot hear you speaking:
Your phone may be set to MUTE. Disable the MUTE function.
When battery lifetime is shorter than usual:
This may happen when you are in an area with low signal strength. 
Turn off your  phone when it is not in use. Change the battery when 
battery energy is exhausted.
When your phone does not turn on:
Make sure your battery is charged. Check to see if your phone 
works while recharging the battery.
When you are unable to send a message:
Either you are not registered to receive SMS service, or you may 
be in an area where your network service provider cannot provide such 
When you are unable to make a call:
Your phone may be set to “fixed dial.” Cancel the “fixed dial”
When the “Insert SIM Card” message appears: 
When the “Handset locked enter password” 
message appears:
If you experience problems while using your phone, please refer to the following 
If the problem persists, contact your dealer or nearest service center.
Make sure the SIM card is correctly installed. Check to see if the SIM 
card is working properly. If it does not work, try cleaning the contact 
point of the card. If it is out of order, take it to the nearest service 
Enter the handset password. If you cannot remember the password, 
contact the nearest service center.
When the “Enter PIN1” message appears:
Type in PIN1. If you cannot remember it, contact the nearest 
service center. You can still receive calls even if your phone 
becomes locked by entering the incorrect PIN1 on three 
consecutive attempts.
When the “No service” or “Network failure” 
message appears:
Check the SSI (Signal Strength Indicator) state. 
If you cannot make a connection in underground areas or in 
buildings where signal strength may be low, try moving to another 
place. If you still cannot make a connection, contact the nearest 
service center.
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