Motorola SBG901 User Manual

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State-of-the-art wireless networking technology in a cost-effective, conveniently-
sized package.
 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway
Motorola’s SBG901 SURFboard Wireless Cable 
Modem Gateway combines an industry-leading cable 
modem, an IEEE 802.11b/g wireless access point, 
and an advanced firewall into one compact product. 
It’s the perfect networking solution for the home, 
home office, or small business, allowing users to 
create a custom network to share a single broadband 
connection, files, networked printers, and peripherals 
without wires. Cost-effective and efficient, the 
SBG901 enables users to maximize the potential 
of their existing resources. The SBG901 also offers 
easily managed, enhanced network security for both 
wired and wireless users.
The SBG901’s new User GUI enables an easy set up 
and ease of use for the operator.
Designed for Service Assurance, the SBG901 
is compatible with Motorola’s NBBS Device 
Management Platform and with Motorola’s eCare for 
remote access customer component troubleshooting 
and configuration, eliminating unnecessary truck rolls.
Integrated DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem
The integrated Motorola SURFboard cable modem 
incorporates the newest DOCSIS 2.0 silicon for 
improved performance over legacy DOCSIS products, 
design enhancements for a more environmentally 
friendly product, and feature evolvement to meet 
the changing needs of MSO and end users. The 
Motorola SBG901 is the ideal device for expanding an 
operator’s home network service offerings.
Wireless LAN Mobility
The Motorola SBG901 merges the advantages of 
the SURFboard cable modem with the mobility of 
a wireless LAN (WLAN). It includes an integrated 
IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
 access point that allows users 
(with optional accessories) to roam around the home 
or small business and remain connected to the 
network. Now subscribers can place computers and 
peripherals where they’re convenient, not just where 
there’s an available connection.
The SBG901’s internal antennas streamline the look 
and feel of the unit while eliminating the possibility of 
Configurable Output Power                                  
The SBG901 offers an array of competitive 
advantages by providing superior transmission 
power with a close to omni-directional antenna, 
which delivers excellent coverage for the user. The 
SBG901’s improved range has increased user data 
throughput wireless data range of greater than 21 
. The SBG901’s adjustable output power can be 
configured, allowing just the right amount of signal to 
fill the required area without interfering with homes 
or businesses.
Commercial-Class Security
Finally, Motorola’s SBG901 is secure. It includes an 
advanced firewall that helps protect the network from 
hackers and other outside interference while allowing 
desired data to pass through with ease. The firewall 
embedded in the gateway provides commercial-class 
protection through built-in denial-of-service attack 
prevention, stateful packet inspection, and intrusion 
detection. The firewall also allows VPN tunnel 
protocols to pass through, hiding the network from 
the outside world.
Easy to set up and use
Features up to 16 Service 
Identifiers (SIDs) for future 
expansion of enhanced 
Remote configuration and 
Help to reduce support costs 
and aid troubleshooting
Interoperates with