Behringer C-1U Leaflet

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Professional, large-diaphragm 
condenser microphone with built-in 
USB interface, ideal for podcasters 
and musicians
Plug this amazing USB-mic straight 
into your computer and turn your 
PC or Mac computer into a recording 
system without the need for any 
other hardware
Directly works with your PC or 
Mac computer—ultra-low latency 
ASIO and WDM drivers for PC audio 
optimization included
Exceptionally fl at frequency 
response and ultra-high sound 
resolution perfect for voice, 
acoustic instruments, etc.
Cardioid pickup pattern for 
outstanding sound source separation 
and feedback rejection
Pressure-gradient transducer with 
shock-mounted capsule
Comprehensive podcasting and 
audio editing software (Podifi er, Juice, 
PodNova, Golden Ear, Audacity) for 
computers, both PC and Mac
USB connection cable included
Swivel stand mount included
Ultra-rugged construction with metal 
die-cast body
High-quality components and 
exceptionally rugged construction 
ensure long life
Conceived and designed by 
Studio Condenser Microphone with 
USB Audio Interface and software suite
Condenser Microphones
and PodNova downloading software. 
It works like this: Connect the mic to your 
PC or Mac. Load Audacity and save your 
recording onto your hard drive. Now load 
the included Kristal software and you 
can edit your recording or add tracks. 
Now you’re ready to upload your work 
onto the Web via Podifi er.
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The C-1U is a digital home recording 
or podcasting enthusiast’s dream come 
true. This professional quality condenser 
microphone is identical to the acclaimed 
BEHRINGER C-1 mic with one awesome 
diff erence: it’s has a built-in USB interface 
so you can be ready to record faster than 
ever, and with minimal preparation and 
equipment. Just plug it into your computer 
and start recording!
What is a USB Condenser Microphone?
The primary type of microphone 
used in recording studios and radio 
stations, condenser microphones are 
the ideal choice for capturing vocals and 
acoustic instruments. Unlike a dynamic 
microphone, a condenser microphone 
collects sound from throughout an 
environment such as a room, rather 
than only picking up what’s happening 
directly in front of it. It is capable of much 
capturing much more detail with wider, 
fl atter frequency response. 
Trouble is, conventional condenser 
microphones aren’t made to interface 
with a computer — you have to provide 
a microphone preamplifi er and an 
analog-to-USB interface.
But the C-1U has a built-in USB interface 
that derives the needed power directly 
from your computer’s USB input and 
requires no special drivers. Just plug in and 
start recording your masterpiece!
Does Awesome Sound Come Any Easier?
The short answer is no. Unlike most 
other USB microphones, you won’t need to 
download any additional drivers to begin 
using the C-1U right out of the box—it even 
works with Vista! 
You also get an extensive software 
package with Audacity for recording, 
Kristal Audio Engine for editing and 
multitracking, Podifi er uploading software 
Line In
Phone Out
MP3 Player
USB mic
USB Cable
Typical Set-Up