GTO pro-sw 3200xl slave User Manual

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2002 GTO, Inc.
v - 02/12/06
This equipment is similar to other gate or door equipment and meets or exceeds 
Underwriters Laboratory Standard 325 (UL 325). However, gate equipment has 
hazards associated with its use and therefore by installing this product the installer 
and user accept full responsibility for following and noting the installation and 
safety instructions. Failure to follow installation and safety instructions can result 
in hazards developing due to improper assembly. You agree to properly install this 
product and that if you fail to do so GTO, Inc. shall in no event be liable for direct, 
indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss of profits whether 
based in contract tort or any other legal theory during the course of the warranty 
or at any time thereafter. The installer and/or user agree to assume responsibility 
for all liability and use of this product releasing GTO, Inc. from any and all 
liability.  If you are not in agreement with this disclaimer or do not feel capable 
of properly following all installation and safety instructions you may return this 
product for full replacement value.
attempting to install and use this automatic gate operator.  This gate operator 
produces a high level of force.  Stay clear of the unit while it is operating and 
exercise caution at all times.
All automatic gate operators are intended for use on vehicular gates only.
This product meets and exceeds the requirements of UL 325, the standard which regulates gate operator safety, as 
established and made effective March 1, 2000, by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
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Installation Manual
for installing the GTO/PRO SW-3200 with the 
GTO/PRO SW-3000 in a dual application