Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Basic Operation
Network Selection
We strongly recommend that you select automatic
network selection although your phone can also select
networks manually. See “Network Selection” in the
Main Menu chapter for more information.
Automatic Network Search
When your phone is turned on, Searching displays.
When your phone finds a network, the network name
and Receiving Signal Strength Indicator icon
displays. Your phone is now ready to use.
When you are outside of your home network range
and there is another network available, the 
ing Indicator) icon displays.
If you are outside of any PCS network, No Service
Currently Available 
Manual Network Search
Contact your Service Provider before selecting manual
network search.
Placing Calls
1. Dial the desired number and press 
 to  send
the call.
Note: The 
 button deletes any misdialed numbers.
2. After you press 
, Dialing and the number you
dialed display.
If the called party is busy, a normal busy tone
sounds and Busy displays.
If the call is restricted, Call Restricted displays.
If the call does not connect the first time, and Auto
Retry is on, the phone retries the call.
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