Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Basic Operation
If the Auto Retry function is not on, Call Failed!
Try Again?
 displays. Select Yes to retry the call.
After a call connects, the Call Timer displays. After 1
hour, the Call Timer display format changes from
minutes and seconds to hours and minutes.
3. When the call is complete, press 
 briefly to
hang up.
Emergency Calls
You can place emergency calls at any time by dialing
one of the emergency numbers (911, 999, or 112) and
Note: Only emergency calls can be placed when SIM
cards are not inserted in phones.
International Calls
To place international calls, press   twice in quick
succession (+, the international access code, displays)
and dial the remaining digits.
Answering Calls
When you receive a call, the phone rings, the backlight
illuminates, and Call or Forwarded Call displays.
To answer the call, press any key except 
 and 0.
To reject the call, press 
, or press 0 followed
The caller’s number (if available) displays. If you have
this number in memory, the person’s name displays.
If you do not answer a call, Unanswered Calls and the
number of unanswered calls display. The phone stores
up to 10 unanswered calls. View the phone numbers
using Unanswered Calls in the Memory Menu.
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