Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Basic Operation
Note: The   key is also used to make international
calls and to insert a pause. To make international calls,
see “Placing Calls” in the Introduction chapter. To
insert a pause, hold the     for 2 seconds until the
turns into a P.
Voice Mail
Your phone can receive voice mail from unanswered
calls. If you have new Voice Mail, the           icon
appears and Voice Msg. displays. See “Voice Mail” in
the Main Menu chapter for more information.
Text Messages 
(Short Message Service)
You can use your phone to send and receive text
messages. If you have unretrieved messages, the
icon appears and the number of messages displays,
followed by Text. If SIM memory for Text Messages is
full, the       icon flashes. See “Messages” in the Main
Menu chapter for details on how to read, write and
send messages.
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