Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Memory Menu
Memory Menu
Press Left on the Express Key to access the following
Memory Menu options.
Last Dial to display last dialed numbers.
Recall Name to recall numbers by name.
Mem. Store to store numbers and names.
Own Number to display your own number.
Scratchpad to read scratchpad memory.
Unanswered to display phone numbers of
unanswered calls.
 to display phone numbers of received
Some of these features may not be available depend-
ing on your network subscription. This icon       indi-
cates such features. Contact your Service Provider for
more information.
Last Dial Memory
Last Dial Memory Redialing
1. Press Left on the Express Key, scroll to Last Dial
and press 
2. Scroll to the desired number on the Last Dial list
and press 
3. Press 
 to dial the number.
Note: You may also display the Last Dial list by
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