Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Memory Menu
2. Press 
 to dial the phone number.
 To scroll locations in numerical order, use Up
and Down on the Express Key. If    displays, press
Left on the Express Key to display hidden informa-
Memory Store
Entering Phone Numbers in SIM Memory
1. Press Left on the Express Key, scroll to Mem.
 and press 
2. Address?  displays. Press to select the displayed
memory location or enter another location and
. If location is nonexistent, Invalid
Memory Address 
displays. If an entry already exists
in that address, Replace Item and the number of
the address display. Select Yes to replace the exist-
ing information or No to enter a new address.
3. At Number?, enter phone number to be saved,
then press 
4. At Name?, enter a name (up to 15 characters) for
the stored number and press 
 (see “Entering
Alphanumeric Characters” in the Basic Information
chapter). To skip name, press 
. Name, phone
number and memory address display briefly.
If Memory Full displays with Replace Memory Entry?,
replace existing information as follows:
1. Select Yes and press 
2. At Address? enter the 3 digit location you want to
use, then press 
3. Enter phone number and name and press 
Note: It is recommended that the most frequently
called numbers be stored in memory locations 1-9.
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