Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Memory Menu
These numbers may be accessed with One Touch
Deleting Phone Numbers from SIM Memory
1. Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Recall
 and press 
2. At Enter Name choose the number you wish to
delete by entering the name associated with that
location or scroll to the desired location.
3. Press 
 and hold until Delete Item? displays.
4. Select Yes.
One Touch Speed Dialing
To dial any of the numbers in memory locations 1-9
with a single key, press and hold the digit correspond-
ing to the memory location for 1 second.
Own Number Display
Press Left on the Express Key, scroll to Own Number
and press 
. Phone number will appear with the
heading Speech Number. Press 
 to exit this menu.
Scratchpad Memory
During Conversation, you can store up to 9 numbers
in the Scratchpad.
1. Press Left on the Express Key, scroll to Scratchpad
and press 
2. Enter a phone number at Number?, then press
Note: Scratchpad numbers do not remain in memory
after you turn off the power.
3. Press 
 to dial the selected number.
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