Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Main Menu
Main Menu
Press Right on the Express Key to enter the Main
. Main Menu items change depending on
whether you are in Idle/Standby mode (phone is on
and no call is placed) or in Conversation mode.
In the Idle/Standby mode, you can use the Main
Menu to access the following functions:
Voice Mail to dial or set up your Voice Mail
Messages to read, write and send text messages or
to set up your text message center.
KeyLock ON? to lock or unlock keypad.
Services to set up second line, call forwarding, call
barring, call waiting, send own number and data
Settings to adjust the volume, language, contrast,
backlight, auto answer, auto retry, phone setup and
prefix options on your phone.
Talktime to show or reset talktime timers, call
costs and cost limit.
Security to set up or modify passwords and
fixed dial.
Broadcast to set up or remove Cell Broadcast.
(Please check with your Service Provider before
using this function.)
Network to display or modify your network
Some features may not available depending on your
network subscription. This icon      indicates such
features. Contact your Service Provider for more
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