Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Main Menu
3. Scroll to Format and press 
4. Scroll to Text (the most common option), Voice, G3
Fax, X-400, Paging 
or E-Mail and press 
Contact your Service Provider about the availability of
these formats.
The keylock feature prevents keys from being pressed
accidentally. When you answer a call, keylock is tempo-
rarily suspended. When you complete the call, keylock
becomes active again.
Activating/Deactivating Keylock
To activate keylock:
Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Keylock
 and press 
. A confirmation displays.
To deactivate keylock:
Press Right on the Express Key. Keylock OFF?
displays. Press 
Note: Emergency calls (e.g., 911, 112, and 999) can be
placed regardless of the keylock status.
The Services Menu provides access to second line
service, call forwarding, call waiting, call barring, call
waiting and data capabilities.
Second Line Service
Your phone can accommodate two lines for making and
receiving calls. The lines can have different service
subscriptions, since each line is billed separately. Your
subscription must include 2 separate lines for the
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