Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Phone Features
Your phone allows you:
To place and receive calls
To send Dual Tone Multi-Frequency tones
To send and receive text messages*
To display call costs*
To perform Hold and Call Waiting*
To have two lines [Alternating Line Service]*
To perform Call Forwarding *
To perform Call Barring*
To show the number of the person who calls you*
To hide your number from the person you call*
To have conference calls*
To receive Cell Broadcast messages*
To access Closed User Group services*
To store and retrieve numbers
To retry calls
To call stored numbers (unanswered and last dialed
To display talk time
To set up passwords such as Personal Identity
Note: The * features depend on your network subscrip-
tion. This icon      indicates such features throughout
the manual. Contact your Service Provider for more
information. This phone does not have any calendar or
clock functions, therefore it is year 2000 compliant.
End (On/Off)
—high-pitched beep sounds when
you turn your phone on or off.
Dial Tone
—standard dial tone heard through the
earpiece when you press 
 before dialing a
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