Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Main Menu
Use the Security Menu to set up or modify passwords.
About Passwords
Several passwords can be used to enhance the security
of  your phone:
Phone Lock—to prevent unauthorized access to
your phone. If enabled, Unlock Code? is displayed
when the phone is turned on.
Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)
which are stored on the SIM card:
• PINto prevent unauthorized access of your
SIM card.
• PIN2to modify security options.
PIN Unblock Key (PUK)to unlock your phone
if you try to enter the PIN 3 times unsuccessfully.
Note: If you have forgotten your unlock code or PIN,
contact your Service Provider.
Phone Lock
When Phone Lock is on, you must enter an unlock
code when you turn on your phone. This function
prevents unauthorized use of the phone.
1. Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Security
and press 
2. Scroll to Phone Lock and press 
3. Scroll to On or Off and press 
4. Enter Unlock Code at Unlock Code? (factory
setting is 0000) and press 
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