Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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b) If you have selected On previously, enter group
number and press 
To deactivate a Closed User Group:
1. Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Security
and press 
2. Scroll to CUG and press 
3. Select Off and press 
. CUG Off displays.
Cell Broadcast
Cell broadcasts are information messages (such as
traffic, weather, emergencies or other event informa-
tion) that are sent regularly by the network to all users
in a specific area. Please check with your Service
Provider about availability of Cell Broadcast messages.
Only selected message types will display. See Pre-
programmed Message Types on the next page.
Note: If a Cell Broadcast Message contains a phone
number, press 
 to dial it.
Turning Cell Broadcast On or Off
1. Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Broadcast
and press 
2. Select On or Off and press 
Note: If there are no Message Types set, Set Message
Types Before Broadcast On 
Selecting Broadcast Message Types
1. Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Broadcast
and press 
2. Scroll to Msg.Types and press 
. If the message
type is defined in the pre-programmed message type
list, a description is displayed.
3. To change the first Message Type, press 
, then
select a Message Type from the list.
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