Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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your phone upright. Your phone’s battery charges while your
phone remains handy for use.
Mobile Holder
Use this holder to mount the phone in your car for easy
PCMCIA Card and Cable
A PCMCIA Data/Fax Card and Cable is available that
allows you to connect your phone to a laptop. The
PCMCIA card works like a modem and can be used for
fax, e-mail, and data transmission (when a network
supports these features). Available for Windows only.
SMS Cable
A Short Message Service (SMS) Cable is available for
reading, editing, and writing text messages. The SMS
Cable connects your phone to your PC via the serial
port. (cable only, no software)
A Headset is also available. The Headset has an ear-
phone and microphone.
Carrying Case
Made of high grade leather, this attractive Carrying
Case protects your phone.
Belt Clip
An optional Belt Clip provides extra portability for
your phone.
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