Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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What To Do If …
Your phone does not work at all when switched on...
If you are using a handheld phone...
Recharge the battery before use or replace it. 
If you are using a handsfree adapter in a vehicle...
A battery is required to use the handsfree adapter;
make sure it is installed on the back of the phone. If
you are sure the adapter is functioning properly, check
that the phone is connected to the adapter.
When charging, battery level icon does not display...
See"Battery" in the Introduction chapter.
“Low battery!” displays and the phone beeps...
You have 1 minute to terminate an active call. You
should turn the phone off and recharge or replace the
battery. See “Battery” in the Introduction chapter.
“Check SIM” displays...
See “SIM Card Installation” in the Basic Operation
chapter. When the SIM card is not installed, only
emergency calls can be placed.
“Incorrect SIM” displays...
Contact your Service Provider.
Report Bug