Nortel Networks 4060 User Manual

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Use Voicemail
Use Voicemail
Use the Voicemail feature to listen to voice messages left by calling 
parties. New voicemails are indicated by:
— the V (voicemail) symbol flashes on the display screen (the 
symbol disappears after the voice message is played)
— the flashing Info key
— Voice Message text is displayed on the display screen
Note: When the handset is switched OFF, or is out of the coverage 
zone, the Info and Loudspeaker keys flash and the V (voicemail) 
symbol appears when the handset is turned ON, or re-enters the 
coverage zone.
For automated access to your voicemail messages, Nortel Networks 
recommends you pre-configure the:
voicemail access number
voice box number
Pre-configuration automatically dials the voicemail access number, 
automatically enters your voice box number, and automatically enters 
your voice box password.
To pre-configure the voicemail access number, your voice box 
number, and your password:
1. Press the 
 soft key.
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