Nortel Networks 4060 User Manual

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Set up the DECT Handset 4060
Figure 2: Battery charge status
Note: When new batteries are inserted, or the firmware on the 
handset has been upgraded, a charge status icon will not display until 
a complete charge cycle has been completed. However, when 
partially charged batteries are inserted, then the charge status icon 
will be shown immediately.
Register the handset
Before you can use the DECT Handset 4060, the handset must be 
registered with the system. A system ID and handset registration code 
may be required to complete the registration process. Contact your 
system administrator for proper codes.
To register the handset with the DECT system:
1. Press the 
soft key.
Fully charged - 80% to 100%
Partially Charged - 60% to 80%
Partially Charged - 40% to 60%
Partially Charged - 20% to 40%
No Charge - 0% to 20%. 
Batteries are empty. 
An alert tone sounds and the icon (frame) flashes.
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