Fujifilm FinePix JV200 User Manual

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For Your Safety
Be sure to read these notes before use
Safety Notes
• Make sure that you use your camera correctly.  Read these safety 
notes and your Owner’s Manual carefully before use.
•  After reading these safety notes, store them in a safe place.
About the Icons
The icons shown below are used in this document to indicate the 
severity of the injury or damage that can result if the information 
indicated by the icon is ignored and the product is used incorrectly 
as a result.
This icon indicates that death or serious injury can result if the 
information is ignored.
This icon indicates that personal injury or material damage can 
result if the information is ignored.
The icons shown below are used to indicate the nature of the instruc-
tions which are to be observed.
Triangular icons tell you that this information requires atten-
tion (“Important”).
Circular icons with a diagonal bar tell you that the action indi-
cated is prohibited (“Prohibited”).
Filled circles with an exclamation mark indicate an action that 
must be performed (“Required”).
Unplug from 
power socket
If a problem arises, turn the camera off , remove the battery, and 
disconnect and unplug the AC power adapter.
  Continued use of 
the camera when it is emitting smoke, is emitting any unusual 
odor, or is in any other abnormal state can cause a fi re or elec-
tric shock.  Contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
Avoid exposure 
to water
Do not allow water or foreign objects to enter the camera.  If water 
or foreign objects get inside the camera, turn the camera off , 
remove the battery, and disconnect and unplug the AC power 
adapter.  Continued use of the camera can cause a fi re or elec-
tric shock.  Contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
Do not use in 
the bathroom or 
Do not use the camera in the bathroom or shower.  This can cause 
a fi re or electric shock.
Do not 
Never attempt to change or take apart the camera (never open 
the case).
  Failure to observe this precaution can cause fi re or 
electric shock.
Do not touch 
internal parts
Should the case break open as the result of a fall or other accident, 
do not touch the exposed parts.
  Failure to observe this precau-
tion could result in electric shock or in injury from touching the 
damaged parts.  Remove the battery immediately, taking care 
to avoid injury or electric shock, and take the product to the 
point of purchase for consultation.
Do not change, heat or unduly twist or pull the connection cord and 
do not place heavy objects on the connection cord.
  These actions 
could damage the cord and cause a fi re or electric shock.  If the 
cord is damaged, contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
Do not place the camera on an unstable surface.  This can cause the 
camera to fall or tip over and cause injury.
Never attempt to take pictures while in motion.  Do not use the 
camera while you are walking or driving a vehicle.  This can re-
sult in you falling down or being involved in a traffi  c accident.
Do not touch any metal parts of the camera during a thunderstorm.  
This can cause an electric shock due to induced current from 
the lightning discharge.
Do not use the battery except as specifi ed.  Load the battery as 
shown by the indicator.
Do not heat, change or take apart the battery. Do not drop or subject 
the battery to impacts. Do not store the battery with metallic prod-
  Any of these actions can cause the battery to burst or leak 
and cause fi re or injury as a result.
Use only the battery or AC power adapters specifi ed for use with this 
  Do not use voltages other than the power supply voltage 
  The use of other power sources can cause a fi re.
If the battery leaks and fl uid gets in contact with your eyes, skin or 
clothing, fl ush the aff ected area with clean water and seek medical 
attention or call an emergency number right away.
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