Lenovo T400 (6474-25G) NM825NX Specification Guide

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tHinkPaD aDvanceD mini Dock
Rear ports offer enhanced cable
management and connectivity; quick
and easy access to peripherals.
tHinkPaD t/R 14W 9-cell HiGH caPacity
BatteRy (43R2499) 
Carry spare battery, or replace system batteries 
when charge capacity diminishes with time.
tHinkPaD anD iDeaPaD
90W Slim ac/Dc comBo
aDaPteR (41n8460) 
Allows you to power your notebook everywhere 
you go—in the office, at home, on the road, and 
in the air; optional dual charging cable also can
simultaneously charge cell phones or PDA devices.
tHinkPaD t/R400 SeRieS 14W PRivacy FilteR
tHinkPaD t/R/W500 SeRieS 15W PRivacy FilteR
keep screen information private.
tHinkPaD BUSineSS toPloaD caSe (43R2476) 
Easily transport and protect your ThinkPad against 
bumps and jostles.
DeSIgneD To Do THe unexPeCTeD
make an amazinG noteBook even BetteR.
tHinkPaD t400/t500 noteBook acceSSoRieS:
lenovo recommends windows
lenovo 2GB Pc3-8500 1066mHz DDR3 SoDimm
memoRy (43R1988) 
Lowest-cost method to boost system performance. 
Recommended for microsoft
footnotes: [1] weight: includes battery and optional travel bezel instead of standard optical drive in Ultrabay drive, if applicable. Weight may vary due to vendor components, manufacturing
process  and  options. 
[2]  wwaN  service  providers:  WWan  service  is  provided  by  3
  party  telecommunications  service  providers  and  is  subject  to  their  terms  and  conditions.  Contact  the 
telecommunications  service  providers  directly  for  further  information  on  their  service  offerings,  pricing,  terms  and  conditions. 
[3]  mobile  processors:  Power  management  reduces  processor 
speed when in battery mode. 
[4] Operating system: level of support varies by operating system. operating systems not preloaded on the system may not provide full feature functionality. Refer
to lenovo.com/pc/support and enter your machine type and model number for more information.
[5] hard disk drive: GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. accessible capacity is less; up to 4GB is service
[6] memory: Total accessible memory will be less and will vary depending on the system configuration. Maximum capacity may require purchase of optional component. [7] 11a, 11b, 
and 11g wireless: This is based on IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g respectively. The IEEE 802.11n specification has not been finalized and is currently in draft release. The Lenovo and ThinkPad 
11a/b/g/n Wireless lan mini-Pci express adapters are based on the Draft Release, version 1.0, of the ieee 802.11n specification. an adapter with 11a/b, 11a/b/g, or 11a/b/g/n can communicate on
any of its supported formats; the actual connection will be based on the access point to which it connects.
[8] Battery: these model numbers achieved Battery Rundown time of at least the time
shown during testing. a description of the testing is available at lenovo.com/pc/ww/thinkpad/batterylife.
[9] limited warranty: Support unrelated to a warranty issue may be subject to additional 
[10] included software: May differ from its retail version (if available) and may not include user manuals or all program functionality. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings 
and specifications at any time without notice. lenovo is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors. Warranty information: For a copy of applicable lenovo product warranties please
visit www.lenovo.com/warranty. lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third-party products or services.
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thinkvantage, thinkPlus, thinklight, trackPoint, Ultrabay, Ultraconnect, and Ultranav. intel, centrino, centrino inside, intel core and core inside are trademarks of intel corporation in the U.S. and
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