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Integrated short throw lens enables projection onto a large screen from a short distance. 
This allows for more effective presentations in small meeting rooms or classrooms where
space is limited.
The iP-01UE can be used in small meeting spaces with the short
throw lens allowing projection on a large screen. 
It allows effective information sharing and speedier business
operations since existing documents can be presented using
the integrated document camera. 
You can see various practical tips and applications on our website.
The teacher does not need to change the layout of the classroom, 
just project to a large screen from the teacher’
s desk. Projecting
material from textbooks, notebooks and print with the built-in
document camera can make lessons more productive and
All standard PC and video formats can be projected to a large screen regardless of
manufacturer or operating system. 
Furthermore, a 5W speaker is also built-in for listening to the associated audio.
25 times zoom can be obtained when using the document
camera and 4 times zoom for the PC and video modes. 
Zoomed in images can be scrolled to the primary areas of
A pointer can be displayed on
the projected image. Multiple
types of pointers can be
Projection can be temporarily turned off without powering
off the lamp.
PC and video images can be
Trapezoidal deformation of the projected image due to
projection angle can be corrected. (Vertically ±15°
Projection onto a blackboard is optimized.
By using the Eco mode, the life of the lamp can be doubled
and power consumption reduced.
●Store images to, and
   display images from,
   a USB memory stick
●Image rotation
●Zoom and scroll
●On Screen Pointer
●Image “blank-out”
●Still image
●Blackboard function
No need to wait several minutes for cool down, start packing
up the equipment immediately after concluding the meeting
or presentation.
●Direct power off
●Keystone correction
●Eco mode
Project to a large screen in
a small meeting room
Project from the teacher’
s desk
Project to a large screen in
a small meeting room
Project from the teacher’
s desk
iP-01UE allows you to…
Intelligent Projector
*For reproduction of PC data from USB
memory, a special conversion software is
required. (The conversion software can be
downloaded from our website.)
iP-01BE basic model with
simple and easy operation
Easy to use, convenient and
presenter friendly basic functions
Project onto a 
diagonal screen from 
Project onto a 
diagonal screen from 
Built-in Document Camera     
Short throw lens
At the office
At school
Of course the all-in-one iP-01UE will also project PC and video images
Just place an object on the glass and project a
crisp, clear image on the screen. Easy to use no
need to interface to a PC. 
Push button power on 
Place object to project 
View on screen instantaneously 
Make a presentation without carrying a PC
●Built-in 3.15 mega-pixel document camera
●Short throw lens
●2,500 lumens
When the integrated document camera is used, portrait
documents can be rotated 90 degrees on the screen and
automatically adjusted for optimal presentation.
Images from the built-indocument 
camera may be stored on a USB 
memory stick. 
(※USB memory(2GB) can store 
up to 2,000 images.) 
Stored images can be selected from the thumbnail screen 
for display again later or be transferred back to the PC for 
distribution and record keeping purposes. 
●Built-in 3.15 mega-pixel document camera
●Short throw lens
●2,500 lumens
●USB Memory Port
Materials created on a computer
can be stored on a USB memory
device, plugged directly into the
projector and presented.
In reverse, images from the built-in
document camera can be stored
on a USB memory and carried
back to the PC.