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Designed to help simplify IT by reducing cost, 
deployment time and maintenance, the Dell™ 
Latitude™ E5510 and E5410 laptops deliver reli-
able mobile computing with increased flexibility 
and proven durability.
Dependable Design
Dell Latitude E-Family laptops unite dependable, long-last-
ing design with professional style.
Lasting Durability:  All Latitude E-Family laptops—from 
everyday ultra-portables to the ruggedized ATG and 
XFR—undergo rigorous durability testing, as well as 
accelerated life testing that simulates real-world usage. 
The result: business laptops that are designed to go 
the distance. 
Strength & Sophistication:  Reinforced hinges and rug-
ged system latches add durability against the rigors of 
everyday use. 
Design That Works with You:  Enjoy wireless
ity, or go wired when the situation demands it with a 
range of ports and inter-compatible E-Family docking 
Slim, Reinforced Displays:  Advanced LED technology 
enables Latitude E-Family laptops to have thin wide-
screen displays while remaining exceptionally durable 
under everyday use. 
Critical Data Protection:  A fast response free-fall-
sensor on the motherboard, along with a Dell Strik-
eZone™ shock absorber, can protect your data against 
system drops—even if the laptop is turned off. Optional 
solid-state drives allow for fast, reliable data storage. 
Intelligent Productivity
Whether in the office or around the globe, Latitude E-Fami-
ly laptops can simplify productivity for mobile collaboration.
Easy Global Collaboration:  The latest wireless options 
let you connect with colleagues from virtually any-
. A light sensitive webcam and noise-reducing 
microphone for speech enhancement can be paired 
with speakers for an optimal videoconferencing experi-
Long Battery Life:  Choose a 3-year warranty battery 
option or select standard high-capacity batteries paired 
with Dell ExpressCharge™ technology, which allows 
for an 80% recharge in about an hour. 
Smart Controls:  An intuitive, gesture-enabled touch-
pad lets you work smartly—and comfortably—in virtu-
ally any situation. 
Keyboard:  Featuring anti-microbial
Business-class Control
With their emphasis on stability, inter-compatibility, global 
support and business-class control, Latitude E-Family lap-
tops can help save IT time and money within your organi-
Family-Level Compatibility:  The Latitude E-Family is 
designed for compatibility—so, whether you’re working 
from home or from headquarters, you can effortlessly 
dock or share AC adapters with other E-Family users.
Globally Standard Platforms:  IT can standardize E-
Family laptops to a global configuration at the time of 
purchase, making it easy to resolve issues and order 
additional accessories later.
Long-Life Stability:  A 15-month targeted lifecycle, 
managed transition periods and a targeted 5-year sta-
bility for E-family docking makes it easy to maintain a 
consistent work environment while planning for future 
deployments. Additional service and support options 
can further extend the product lifecycle. 
Advanced Security & Systems Management:  All 
Latitude E-Family laptops include features designed to 
simplify data protection, asset monitoring and remote 
management while allowing for fast IT response to 
business threats.
Global Service & Support:  Latitude E-Family laptops 
feature a range of customizable, globally focused ser-
vice and support options, including:
3-Year International Service (with purchase of Next 
Business Day Onsite Service after Remote Diagno-
): Available in selected regions.
Dell ProSupport
 for IT: Get tech-to-tech support 
for IT professionals and the ability to fast-track 
dispatch parts and labor, bypassing basic trouble-
shooting (certification required).
Easy Transition & Deployment: Dell Migration Ser-
vices, with automated processes, can help reduce 
the manual labor associated with configuration 
and deployment.
E5410 /  E5510